Build your brand with a strong foundation.

A brand is more than just your business identity; it’s the face you show the world.

At ContextWest, we’ve developed an affordable, highly streamlined ‘strategic brand analysis’ process for uncovering valuable insights about your organization and your market. We begin with in-depth interviews with your key stakeholders and an on-site ‘ideation’ with your broader team. After we compile and analyze all of your feedback, we come back in just 2-3 weeks with a 30-page presentation that closely defines your brand. This document then becomes your blueprint for how to compete more effectively and grow market share.

The ContextWest blueprint for brand communications:

  • Defines the key aspects of your brand.
  • Ensures alignment of marketing & creative work.
  • Establishes consistent brand message.

Get Your Brand Analysis

We offer a streamlined, affordable process for defining all of the key characteristics of your brand, including key messaging, brand position, brand promise, value propositions and more. We also bring story into the mix – What do you want customers to remember about you? What are you really selling? Why are you in this business in the first place?

A brand is more than a set of marketing and sales collateral. It’s your corporate identity. It’s your vision. It’s the face you as a business show to the world. It’s like a house: Everybody has one and, like it or not, it represents the personal reputation of every company.

A complete ContextWest brand includes:

Brand Standards

Ensuring consistency across platforms and messages, encompassing every corner of the business, a set of Brand Standards is the guiding force behind every effective brand

Brand Voice

Speak as one entity rather than as a collection of individual voices. Every great brand has its own set of voice standards, including editorial guidelines, vocabulary preferences, etc


Logos, design vocabulary, motifs, textures — the visual side of a brand is critical to standing out in the marketplace and being remembered by customers.

Color Palette

Beyond simple imagery, a color palette allows the “look and feel” of the brand to extend across different platforms, sprinkling into social assets, digital collateral, sales documents, website design and more.

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