Our strategic brand analysis will help you build a strong brand

A brand is more than just your logo or your color scheme; it’s your personality, your values and the way you interact with your customers.

Your tactical brand evaluation will set you up to expand your market presence.

At ContextWest, we’ve developed an affordable, highly streamlined ‘strategic brand analysis’ process to help you zero in on what makes your brand great. It’s a great way to uncover valuable insights about your market, your audience and what makes your business unique. We begin with in-depth interviews with your key stakeholders and an on-site ‘ideation’ with your broader team. After that, we compile and analyze all of your feedback and come back in just 2-3 weeks with an in-depth analysis that closely defines your brand. This document then becomes your blueprint for how to compete more effectively against your competitors and grow market share.

Very few agencies are well versed in how to analyze a brand. We are uniquely qualified to conduct a brand analysis that:

    • Defines the key aspects of who you are as an organization
    • Ensures alignment of marketing and creative work
    • Establishes a consistent brand message & branding voice
    • Equips you with a comprehensive competitive analysis

      Let’s discuss your needs.

        In just two to three weeks, we can define all the key aspects of your overall brand and set you up for long-term marketing success.

        We offer a streamlined, affordable process for defining the key characteristics of your brand identity, including:

        • Key messaging
        • Brand position
        • Brand promise
        • Value propositions

        We also bring story into the mix.

        • What do you want customers to remember about you?
        • What are you really selling?
        • Why are you in this business in the first place?
        • How can you bring actual client experiences into your marketing campaigns?

        A brand is more than a logo or a set of marketing materials.

        It’s your personality, your ideas, your vision and your promise to your customers all rolled up into one. Brands earn reputations just like people do. This is why building a brand is all about growing and evolving.

        Successful branding by a strategic brand agency helps you identify your:

        • Target audience
        • Target market
        • Tone of voice
        • Visual identity
        • Unique selling proposition for your products and services

        Once we’ve defined what you’re all about, a complete ContextWest brand package includes:

        Brand Standards

        Brand Standards are the guiding force behind every effective brand. They help you ensure consistency across all platforms and messages.

        Brand Voice

        It’s important to speak as one entity rather than as a collection of individual voices. Every great brand has its own set of voice standards, including writing guidelines, lexicon preferences, etc.


        Brands become visible and recognized by customers by emphasizing visual elements like logos, designs, motifs and textures.

        Color Palette

        Your color palette helps make your ‘look and feel’ more recognizable. It also helps to extend your brand more harmoniously across different formats like social assets, digital collateral, sales documents and website design.

        Our strategic market research will ensure you get the most out of your marketing efforts. Ready to speak to a strategic brand marketing specialist? Speak with an expert today.