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It offers a higher ROI than any other marketing tactic. Email works, and we make it work for you.

Globally, more than 269 billion emails are sent each day to the planet’s 3.7 billion email users. And that’s up from ‘just’ 205 billion daily emails as recently as 2015. Email works, and many businesses know it.

At ContextWest, we take emails very seriously. They might seem old-fashioned, but email is a true art form and a medium that is too often overlooked in today’s social, targeted, automated world. The truth is email works. It offers the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic and is a great tool for everything from generating new business to improving customer retention.

Because it’s personal. Because it’s unique. And because it can reach customers right in their inbox, no matter how hard they are to reach using other means.

But an effective Email Marketing campaign needs to be smarter than simply blasting generic messages out to thousands of prospects. It needs to take mobile, tablets, desktop and other platforms into account. It needs to be based on industry best practices, like who the sender is, when emails are sent and what messages are being conveyed.

At ContextWest we know that

  • Subject lines need to be short and punchy to attract attention
  • Teaser text and preview copy are critical in today’s mobile-first world
  • Email copy should be brief, with calls-to-action and teasers that drive users back to blog posts, social accounts and other platforms.
  • Images matter, but not every recipient can see them (e.g. business users on Outlook)
  • Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open ratios and conversions are critical to successful campaigns.

We do email right. We help you build the right list, work with the right platform, track the right data and nurture your prospects in the right way using best practices for demand generation.

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