Email Marketing

Email works, and we make it work for you.

At ContextWest, we take emails very seriously. Email marketing is a true art form and a medium that’s too often overlooked. You can use email for everything from generating new business to improving customer retention. It also happens to offer the highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic out there.

Why email marketing? Because it’s quick and agile. Because it’s personal. Because it can reach customers right in their inbox.

An effective email marketing campaign needs to be smarter than simply blasting generic messages out to thousands of unsuspecting prospects. That’s why we help you follow industry best practices – building your contact list, working with the right marketing automation platform, tracking the right data and nurturing your prospects in the right way for demand generation.

Email marketing that converts takes into account that recipients may be on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. It also segments different audiences to deliver targeted messaging to the right people. It’s important to set up ‘welcome streams’ for new opt-ins and create ongoing ‘drip campaigns’ that continue to engage and nurture your customers and prospects. 

At ContextWest, we do email right.

  • Subject lines need to be short and punchy to attract attention
  • Teaser text and preview copy are critical
  • Email copy should be brief, with calls to action and teasers that drive people to your website, blog or store
  • Use appealing images but be aware that not every recipient can see them (e.g., business users on Outlook)
  • Do A/B testing to improve open rates, click-through rates, click-to-open ratios and conversions
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