Lead Generation

The ability to generate leads is the life blood of any sales organization. We create automated campaigns that make leads come to you.

We like to think about the process not so much as simply promotion, but as ‘sales enablement.’ It means setting up and managing every step along the buyer’s journey — from Awareness to Consideration to Purchase Intent — delivering the right message, the right product and the right offer to get to the sale.

At ContextWest, we help our clients develop Lead Generation campaigns that work, crafting offers and deliverables that get attention and turn into verifiable sales leads. The truth is, Lead Gen is all about value exchange: giving potential customers something of value in return for their time investment, their contact information and, hopefully, their attention to an eventual sales pitch. Great content is the ideal tool for giving prospects what they expect as they move forward down the path towards purchase.

Our Lead Generation campaigns include many different types of “bait” content:

eBooks & White Papers

We help our clients spell out their unique selling propositions, turning those insights into books and documents that inform and entertain.


We bring providers together with potential customers for live, in-the-moment digital events that demonstrate their expertise while attracting new interest.


By asking leads what they’re thinking and what they like in our clients’ industries, we’re able to tap into their real thoughts and desires and craft our offerings around those insights.

Savings Calculator

Every B2B customer wants to save money on their businesses, so we create calculators that help them not only understand our clients’ services but shows them exactly what the’ll mean for the bottom line.


At the end of the day, closing the sale sometimes comes down to price. ContextWest helps clients analyze and determine what kinds of discounts work with their prospects, crafting messaging around those coupons to drive new business.


Good blog writing is an artform. We sprinkle in all of the right keywords to boost your SEO performance. We also promote blogs with emails, social media and online ads to drive new website visitors – leads we can easily track using marketing automation and account-based marketing tools.

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