Lead Generation

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization. We create campaigns that bring in high-quality leads on an ongoing basis.

Lead generation is not supposed to be just another promotional activity that builds more awareness for your brand. It’s a very strategic ‘sales enablement’ tactic that generates large numbers of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for your sales team to follow up on.

Getting lead generation campaigns right requires setting up promotions that are specifically geared to each step along the buyer’s journey – from awareness to consideration to purchase intent. The goal is to deliver the right messages and the right offers to the right people to get you closer and closer to the sale.

At ContextWest, we help our clients develop lead generation campaigns that work by crafting communications and offers that resonate with people and get them to engage. Effective lead-gen campaigns are all about providing an adequate value exchange for your prospects – offering them something valuable and highly relevant to their needs in return for their time, attention and contact information. When done right, it’s an excellent way to build your sales funnel and drive revenue.

Our lead generation campaigns can comprise multiple tactics.

Content Marketing

Great content is the ideal tool for keeping prospects engaged and intrigued as they move down a path towards purchase.


We bring providers together with potential customers for live, in-the-moment digital events that demonstrate their expertise while attracting new interest.


By asking prospects leading questions, we’re able to tap into their real thoughts, desires and pain points to craft relevant messaging and offers.

Savings Calculator

B2B customers always want a return on investment, so we create calculators that help them clearly see how much our client’s solution will impact their bottom line.


At the end of the day, closing the sale sometimes comes down to price. ContextWest helps clients analyze and determine what kinds of discounts will work with their prospects. We also test different offers and messaging to drive new business.


We research, write and promote blogs with emails, social media and online ads to drive new website visitors – leads we can easily track using marketing automation and account-based marketing tools.

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