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Great marketing is all about storytelling.

Did you know the same parts of your brain light up when you read a story as when you experience things first-hand? That’s why stories are such powerful emotional drivers. At ContextWest, our job is to position your brand and tell your story in the most appealing way possible.

Great storytelling is all about context.

Most agencies lead with design and treat copy like an afterthought. Not us. We lead with copy and rely on design to bring our stories to life. It’s all part of what we call contextual marketing – getting the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time.

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Brands that know their WHY far outperform their competition because they appeal to the neocortex – the part of the brain that houses emotions and makes decisions. In just a few short weeks, our strategic brand analysis will help you find your WHY and build a strong foundation for your brand.

“ContextWest built our website, and we were thrilled with their ability to understand our business, develop strong creative and implement a clearly defined strategy down to the finer details.”

Jeff Johnson

Viam Telecom

Portrait of Jeff Johnson

“You guys need to slow down the marketing. We’re winning too much business.”

Daniel Rossiter

Senior Vice President, ORS Labs

Portrait of Daniel Rossiter

“I just found out that ContextWest is the talent behind the great video that keeps popping up on my Facebook page. Really nice work.”

David B. LaFrance

CEO, American Water Works Association

Portrait of David B. LaFrance

“ContextWest spends as much time listening as providing strategy and ideas – a real rarity these days.”

Helen Zucchini

Director of Marketing & Outreach, University of Colorado at Boulder

Portrait of Helen Zucchini

“ContextWest did a fantastic job with our website. Their strategic brand analysis was also extremely useful in helping us improve the way we communicate.”

Michael Sweet

Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Woodwing

Portrait of Michael Sweet

“When I think of ContextWest, I think invaluable… life saver…couldn’t do it without you!”

Mary Kay Larson

Executive Director, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Portrait of Mary Kay Larson

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