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ContextWest develops advanced digital marketing strategies and high-impact campaigns. We help our clients succeed with everything from websites and lead-gen campaigns to videos and online advertising. We also prove our value with sophisticated data analytics. If you’re ready to grow revenue and rise above your competition, count on us to lead you to new heights.

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It takes expertise and ingenuity to build a successful marketing program. We get you there over three important phases. First, we redefine your brand. Second, we develop a best-in-class website. Third, we build and operate a revenue-driving campaign. As your marketing partner and guide, we back you up with all the support you need. Our services include:

Great marketing is all about storytelling.

Did you know the same parts of your brain light up when you read a story as when you experience it first-hand? That’s why stories are such powerful emotional drivers. At ContextWest, our job is capturing those offbeat anecdotes and peculiar plot twists that make your story worth hearing. Stories are powerful because they stick with people and tug at their emotions. They build connections and establish bonds. Small wonder that storytelling is such a powerful driver of purchase decisions and customer loyalty.

Great storytelling is all about context.

It’s amazing how many websites and marketing campaigns fail to communicate the most relevant details of the offer or address the key pain points of the intended audience. Getting this right is why we focus so much on your who, what, where, when and why. Most agencies lead with design and treat copy like an afterthought. Not us. We lead with copy and rely on design to bring our stories to life. It’s all part of what we call contextual marketing – getting the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time.

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Position your brand for success with our strategic brand analysis.

Maybe you’re good at explaining WHAT you do or even HOW you do it better, but can you tell people WHY you do it? WHY is your team excited to get to work every day? WHY should prospects care about your offer and your vision?

Brands that know their WHY far outperform their competitors because they appeal to the neo-cortex – the emotional part of the brain that makes decisions. If you want to define your WHY and lay the foundation for a successful campaign, talk to us about our strategic brand analysis. In just a few short weeks, we’ll define your:

  • Value proposition & brand position
  • Noble purpose & brand promise
  • Culture, personality & values
  • Key differentiators & storylines

Meet our team.

At ContextWest, we offer all the skills it takes to make your next campaign a huge success. We’re strategists and copywriters, graphic designers and project managers, web developers and videographers, data analysts and marketing automation specialists. We also all have a few things in common. We like each other. We love our work. And we’re committed to producing exceptional results.

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