Grow your revenue with performance-based digital marketing.

Our story is all about getting you results.

At ContextWest, we believe the best marketing strategy is to tell great stories. Unlike most agencies, we lead with storytelling and back it up with stellar design and advanced digital technologies. It’s a powerful approach that helps us achieve our #1 goal as marketers – getting big results by delivering the right message to the right audience in the right place at the right time.

Animated pen creates: Let us bring your story to life.

The context to make your marketing come alive.

Did you know the same parts of the brain that light up when you experience something first-hand also light up when you read about it? This is why your organization needs to share stories about the things you do that you’re passionate about – so your audience will share your excitement for what you do!

Technology may be transforming our lives in dramatic ways, but people’s desire to consume great stories only continues to grow. At ContextWest, we help our clients address this desire by building compelling narratives into our websites, email campaigns, videos, blogs, and even our search and online campaigns.

Our winning formula.

Contextual marketing


Inspired storytelling


Focus on client revenue growth


Local, national and international expertise


Outstanding work for an affordable price

Optimizing conversions.

Digital marketing is all about guiding prospects down a path to conversion. It can take multiple steps or impressions before a prospect eventually takes action. Our conversion metrics are consistently higher than our competition because of our detail-oriented approach to getting prospects to:

Find you on search engines

Engage with your content

Get in touch

Telling compelling video stories.

Videos are a fantastic way to communicate your value proposition and connect with your audience via your website, YouTube, online commercials, social media or presentations. As storytellers, we take a lot of pride in creating all styles of animated and live action videos.


Ipreo: Qval (1:16)

Qval helps venture capitalists determine the value of pre-public companies. We brought this advanced product to life in a fun, entertaining video animation that makes prospective venture buyers feel like action heroes with a secret weapon.

Case Studies

Spring: Short Hunt Brothers Pizza (2:18)

We showcased Spring’s mobile apps and HQ portals through the enthusiastic stories of Hunt Brothers Pizza. Spring’s advanced technology helps CPG companies deliver, sell and merchandise more merchandise – even in the most rural parts of Tennessee.

Inspiring Stories

LOSF: Mary Poppins (2:25)

Lake Oswego Schools Foundation is a non-profit that raises money to fund teachers. With our set backdrop and light stands in full view, we made inspiring teachers and students look like movie stars for this series of seven ‘Supporting Bright Futures’ videos.

  • ContextWest spends as much time listening as providing strategy and ideas – a real rarity these days.

    Helen Zucchini
    Helen Zucchini Director of Marketing & Outreach, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • ContextWest did a fantastic job with our website. Their strategic brand analysis was also extremely useful in helping us improve the way we communicate with our clients and prospects.

    Michael Sweet
    Michael Sweet Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Woodwing
  • When I think of ContextWest, I think invaluable... life saver...couldn’t do it without you!

    Mary Kay Larson
    Mary Kay Larson Executive Director, Lake Oswego Schools Foundation
  • We turned over our website development process to ContextWest and were thrilled with their ability to understand our business, develop strong creative concepts and implement a clearly defined strategy down to the finer details.

    Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson President, Viam Telecom
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