Our mission is offering the tools and perspective our clients need to succeed.

We take pride in going above and beyond expectations.

Big agency work without the big egos.

ContextWest has a lot of specialties – from branding to lead-generation; from content marketing to digital advertising. What really sets us apart though is our collaborative, down-to-earth approach to our work. 

We’re that rare agency that encourages input from all sides and always tries to put our clients’ interests first. We’re good communicators who enjoy sharing fresh perspectives. Our mission is to help our clients succeed by advising on best practices, developing effective strategies, producing eye-popping creative work and always striving for excellence.


Our Team

Ben Edwards

Founder & President

Kamala Vanderkolk

Account Manager

Devin Swift

Michael Ryan

Digital Marketing Director

Devin Swift

Devin Swift

Digital Marketing Manager

Annemieke Blüm

Operations Manager

Jim Ingolia


Chris Ryckeley

Chris Ryckeley

UX/UI Designer

Carlos Malache

Video Director

Justin Henderson

WordPress Developer

Adri Jones-McMeekin

Senior Copywriter

Our values.

  • Modesty, integrity and hard work.
  • Never taking ourselves too seriously, but always taking our work seriously.
  • Keeping up with the latest tools and best practices in marketing.
  • Delivering an excellent product for a fair price.
  • Helping our clients radiate the best possible brand image.
  • Close communication via email, text, chat, phone, Slack, videoconference or whatever works best.
  • Treating people with honesty and respect.

Stuff we believe.

  • Brands earn reputations just like people do.
  • Nobody wants to feel like they’re being marketed to.
  • Test. Measure. Repeat.
  • Don’t sell what you do. Sell why you do it.
  • Empower people to be great.
  • Use technology with a purpose in mind.
  • It takes multiple touch points to win people over.
  • Campaigns are an ongoing mission; not a one and done pursuit.
  • People make purchase decisions based on emotions.
  • Don’t sell. Tell a story.
  • Write like you talk.

A note from the founder.

At ContextWest, we always lead with storytelling. Stories wield power. Stories arouse emotions. Stories build trust. And stories stick with people for years.

People have an insatiable appetite for narrative. They want to explore new worlds and enjoy new experiences. Taking that journey is what life’s all about. You go down a path and you discover new things. If you know where you’re going, you’ll get there faster. If you don’t, you’ll never know what you’ll encounter next. 

Sometimes in the middle of a story you have to reorient yourself, reset your course, change directions. You clear the decks. Go for broke. Start anew. And guess what? It’s precisely at this moment, this uncanny, unexpected plot twist where the story comes to life. You flip to the next chapter. Brace yourself in the cinema. Click a button that could change your life. Forever.

When it comes to resetting the old personal compass, for me the direction has always been the same. I’ve faced west to the shiny Pacific from Santa Monica and San Francisco. I’ve faced west to the glittering Atlantic as an expatriate in the Netherlands. And for years now, I’ve faced west to the majestic Rocky Mountains, a fact for which I’m grateful every day. 

Telling stories and sharing fresh perspectives is what we do best at ContextWest. We blur the lines between marketing, journalism and entertainment. We pioneer new approaches. We create campaigns that make our clients unique and memorable. And we use the latest instruments to measure our success. Tracking progress is critical to us. Because whichever way you’re headed, the compass is true. And the story lives on.

Sometimes, in the middle of the story, you have to reorient yourself, reset your course, change directions. You clear the decks. Go for broke.