Traditional Advertising

Commercials and print materials can hit targets digital marketing misses.

Despite the rise of digital marketing over the past 20 years, print and broadcast media remain potent options for attracting consumers. 

According to Nielsen, the average American still watches more than 33 hours of television each week. And that number tends to go up with age, making TV commercials especially well suited for older demographics. And even in our overstimulated world, AM/FM radio continues to reach 93% of the population, more than any other media platform.

In many cases, traditional media can be far more effective for reaching your prospects than digital advertising. At ContextWest, we understand and embrace the power of print and traditional broadcast advertising. It’s hard to beat a well-timed commercial or direct mail piece. Print ads can still be highly effective for specific audience types and geographies.

Whatever your print or broadcast advertising needs may be, we have the creative experience, the media-buying expertise, the printers and the broadcast production partners to create a stunning, highly effective campaign. We can also assist you with tradeshow backdrops, handouts and swag.

We offer:

  • Broadcast television commercials and online video advertisements
  • Radio commercials and streaming audio advertisements
  • Print advertisements (production and placement)
  • Campaign management
  • Direct mail services
  • Tradeshow handouts, assets, swag and more

ContextWest poster for Boomtown Boulder

We understand and embrace the power of print and traditional broadcast advertising.

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