Traditional Advertising

A printed piece can cut through the clutter in a digital world and leave a lasting impact.

Despite the rise of digital marketing in the last 20+ years, print and broadcast media remain important tools in the business promotion arsenal. The typical American still watches more than 33 hours of television each week, according to Nielsen, averaging more than five hours per day. And that number tends to go up as we age, meaning older target demographics still watch TV. And even in our overstimulated world, AM/FM radio continues to reach 93% of the population, more than any other media platform.

The traditional platforms can cut through the clutter and reach prospects like no other options, and at ContextWest, we know the power of print and traditional broadcast messaging. The truth is, it’s hard to beat the feeling of holding a piece of direct mail in your hand or leaving a print piece out on a table for many to see.

We offer

  • Broadcast television and online video advertisements
  • Radio and audio ad production
  • Print advertisement production and placement
  • Campaign management
  • Direct mail services
  • Tradeshow handouts, assets, swag and more
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